About Me

Currently I’m an Instructional Designer working for a private RTO, but spent the previous 10 years facilitating learning and assessing competency in local community centres. I have spent time coordinating departments, working in IT support roles and running elearning projects.

Blogging or journaling  has never been my thing, but recently I discovered 200+ emails just sitting in my inbox; having interesting articles or links to great tools, I just couldn’t bear to part with them. So here we are! I will be reading the article, blogging it for future reference and deleting the email. No more email hoarding for me, and who knows, maybe someone else might benefit from my posts as well.

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ADDIE Model for VET

I love a good checklist, process or guideline to keep me and my project on track. Check out this informative article on leading effective instructional design in VET with the ADDIE model. Leading Effective Instructional Design in Vocational Education and Training

MVP (minimum viable product) – Project Development

MVP Is the Key to Agile Project Management – by Pamela Hogle “‘The MVP is the thing that actually makes an iterative development process—like agile, LLAMA, or SAM—work,’ said Megan Torrance, chief energy officer at TorranceLearning.” That’s not an exaggeration. The idea behind an iterative process is creating a “rough version of a product” with …