MVP (minimum viable product) – Project Development

MVP Is the Key to Agile Project Management – by Pamela Hogle

“‘The MVP is the thing that actually makes an iterative development process—like agile, LLAMA, or SAM—work,’ said Megan Torrance, chief energy officer at TorranceLearning.”

That’s not an exaggeration. The idea behind an iterative process is creating a “rough version of a product” with the express purpose of getting feedback on it. There are two enormous benefits, Torrance said:

  • It’s easier to make changes to an early “draft” than to a finished product.
  • Problems and needed changes are identified “before you’ve burned all your budget and timeline developing the ‘perfect’ finished product.”

“Each cycle of an iterative development process is an opportunity to advance the product both iteratively (making it better) and incrementally (making it more). For an eLearning product, it could be things like fine-tuning scripts and graphics (iteratively) and moving from a script-and-screen draft to a playable online draft (incrementally),” Torrance said.

Considering the progressive nature of technology and information exchange through digital mediums, it makes sense to produce artifacts and even courses in incremental stages with a focus of always making it better and making it more. Read the full article here



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